The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

The-Wind-in-the-Willows-by-Kenneth-GrahameIt is a children's book. The first publication of this novel was in 1908. The Wind in the Willows tells us a story about 4 anthropomorphic animals. They are friends and live in England. The plot of the novel is moving very slow, and you can find many themes in this novel and not only amazing adventure scenes. There a lot of mysticism, morality questions, etc.

The author worked in the Bank of England in a secretarial position. But in 1908 he retired and returned to Berkshire. In this land, Kenneth lived when he was a child. During his childhood, he spent many hours near the banks of the River Thames. He does the same things near the shore as the animals of his books does. One of his characters described this activity in very simple words - "simply messing about in boats".

In the 1929 Alane Milne adapted The Wind in the Willows for the stage. The famous playwright called it the Toad of Toad Hall. In the script, he used only part of the novel – not all of it.

The story begins, when the Mole loses his patience. How he can continuing a spring cleaning when the spring came and the weather is good. So the Mole left his home and go to the river shores. He never saw a river before and really want to see it…

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