The Wishing Spell (The Land of Stories, Book 1)

The-Wishing-Spell-The-Land-of-Stories-seriesAlex and Conner Bailey twins lost their father a year ago. It was tragic and unexpected death. Mother of children not always can perfectly balance her job and family life. It is hard for her to exist without husband too. She worked so hard, that unable to celebrate the twelfth birthday of her kids. The Grandma comes to feast instead of her. The old woman presented the Alex and Conner Bailey a book. It was a collection of fairy tales. In the name of the book is very simple - The Land of Stories.

After birthday one of the twins (the girl) keeps the book in her room. And one night she hears a buzzing sound coming from the cover of The Land of Stories. Very soon Alex and Conner Bailey realize that the book is something lake portal between two universes! And when they travelled through the magic door, the children meet many fantastic characters. That’s how they will know personally some fairy tale girls, like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, or such adorable character as grown-up Little Red Riding Hood.

Do not think that all the characters of The Wishing Spell are from traditional fairy tales. Alex and Conner Bailey met many new ones during their journey, including Trollbella, Huntress and a very funny guy named Froggy. By the way, it is Froggy, who gave children the best idea about how they can return to their own world.

The Land of Stories series:
Book 1. The Wishing Spell
Book 2. The Enchantress Returns
Book 3. A Grimm Warning
Book 4. Beyond The Kingdoms
Book 5. An Author's Odyssey

The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell - is a great read for any children. But even their parents can find this book very interesting.

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