the-witches-by-stacy-schiffStacy Schiff, an award-winning and bestselling author, delivers a thrilling, electrifying, refreshing representation of the world-famous trials of the Salem witches. The story dates back to 1692 Massachusetts, a terribly cold winter. The real panic began when young girls and boys started to growl and writhe. The disease spread rapidly, shaking the beliefs of the strongest and most educated men in the state. Husbands started accusing their own wives, children began accusing their own parents, and old friends didn't hesitate to blame each other.

The horror ended approximately a year later, however, it did take the lives of 19 men and women - they were all hanged. At the center of it all stood young American girls, who were not afraid to speak up. The Salem trials are known as one of the few moments in the history of the United States when women got to decide what's right and what's wrong.

Stacy Schiff did a wonderful job of turning the centuries-old archives into a real, true, exciting story. The book vividly depicts the ways of life in the 17th-century America, with all of its vices and virtues. The colonial life was far from perfect, and every single politician had his own agenda. At the same time, the author masterfully brings up ancient American traits and shows how little has changed since then.

Today, in 2016, we've got religious groups, fanatics, terror and invisible enemies, and that's why The Witches feels like a realistic picture of the 21st century, not the 17th. Stacy Schiff is considered to be one of the greatest historians on planet Earth, and only she could make a centuries-old American mystery come to life in such bright, frightening colors.

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