The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

Wilkie-Collins-The-Woman-in-WhiteMurderous intrigue and dark family secrets, a mysterious inheritance and a great love - these are the main themes of classic English detective fiction, which make you excited from the first to the last line. The two main characters of the book are genuine Victorian lovers, and for the elucidation of the crime itself, Collins applies to a very modern method.

Collins combines in masterly fashion a love story with a detective novel. There is no an omniscient narrator, but characters itself reveal the situation in numerous letters and reports. So peace by peace the mystery of the woman in white destroys itself.

The art teacher Walter Hart Right is committed to giving the two young noblewomen Laura and Marian teaching. Walter and Laura develop a certain affection mutually . But she is already promised to an another man, and also there is a class distinction between them... It sounds like a banal story. But the elegant narrative makes it worth reading.

Each period is described by the person who was closer to the events. The language used by them points very delicately to their characteristics. So, sometimes you can see, how the strict legal language became a housekeeper's language. Mysterious characters, real and false love, shadows of the past struggles and intrigues, sinister sign, overheard conversations, cemeteries in the moonlight... the "woman in white" has everything that must exist in an exciting thriller.

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