This is a moving, touching, poignant and epic story that will leave you speechless. The Women in the Castle is a mesmerizing tale that takes modern-day literature to new heights. WW2 is over, and the Nazis are crushed. Marianne, the main character of the book, returns to the beaten-up castle that used to belong to her husband's family.

The fortress is in ruins after the war and it's gonna take a miracle to get it back "on its feet". Her man was an antifascist and was a part of the failed attempt to kill Hitler back in 1944. Marianne gave a promise to her husband's friends and team members: to find and take care of their wives. First of all, she takes a 6-year-old kid, the son of her best friend from childhood, away from a re-education home and swears to protect him.

Together, the two go to Berlin to find the boy's mom. Next, she manages to track another one of the hero wives, Ania, along with her two sons. As Marianne goes through the war-torn country and finds the devastated families of the fallen heroes, she is confident that the pain they all share will only make their friendship stronger and that it will help them overcome all the obstacles in their way.

However, she soon finds out that it's not all black and white, and they will have to put a lot of effort into making this work. All 3 women need to forget the past and find the inner strength to move on with their lives. The Women in the Castle is an engrossing, enthralling and heart-wrenching novel that invites the readers into one of the worst periods of history. What does it truly mean to survive the horrors of war, to love again and to forgive?

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