Lilyanne used to date Jensen's brother, but he doesn't even remember her. She would like to leave the past behind her and forget it ever happened, but she can't. As a matter of fact, the girl wants nothing to do with the Wright fellas anymore - they cause too much trouble and it's not really worth it. However, when she decided to go back to her hometown, Jensen, the other guy, pretty much collided with her and jumped into her busy life with the abs to die for, the confidence of a true alpha male and the sex appeal of a monster.

Oh, and he's a CEO of a huge international company and a billionaire - that doesn't hurt his image, either. Yep, Lilyanne couldn't resist what the guy had to offer because the chemistry between them was off-the-charts. Besides, she was hoping to find a guy like that who would take care of all her needs, but she would never think Jensen would be that man.

He fit into her perfectly planned life like that missing piece, and it seems like they could have something real with each other. Well, not quite: even though he doesn't remember that she used to hang out with his bruv, he doesn't like sharing his "property" with anyone, and, as soon as he finds out, the romantic fairy tale will be blown to pieces. And what if the "original" brother learns that his ex is now dating Jensen?

Either way, this relationship is going down in flames, as it was doomed from the very beginning. So, what can a girl who simply wants a man by her side do in a crazy situation like this? Does she give in to Jensen's love, or is it time to set the record straight and to cut ties with him, no matter the cost? The Wright Brother is a sexy, fast-paced, funny, engaging story with just the right characters and a great plot to get you glued to your couch.

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