the-year-of-voting-dangerously-by-maureen-dowdIt's no secret that the current, 2016 election year is one of the most bizarre, confusing and important ones in the history of the United States. There's a lot of controversy surrounding it, and the presidential race is among the biggest topics on any social network or TV talk show. The Derangement of American Politics is a smart, funny, on-point book by Maureen Dowd, a wonderful writer who will help you better understand both candidates and make up your mind - there's not much time left!

Both Trump and Clinton are the most unfavored candidates from both the Republican and the Democratic point of view, and the Americans don't really know who to vote for. Maureen is calling the current race one of the biggest battles of the sexes that ever took place on planet Earth. Oh, and it's worth mentioning that she's been covering Donald and Hillary for about 25 years now.

She still remembers Trump's first attempts at becoming the President of the US back in 1999 and the scandal that followed her stories on the Clinton impeachment follies. Yes, she knows a lot about these people, and she's ready to share. Expect a mighty mix of humor, on-point analysis and a few tips and tricks for all the voters out there who want to change their country for the better but don't really know how to do that.

The Year of Voting Dangerously is not a book of revelations or a guide on how to fix all the problems in America, but it most certainly is a pretty great way to learn more about the 2016 presidential race and both candidates. Maureen Dowd's brisk writing style creates just the perfect atmosphere to jump in and pick the right person to lead this country.

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