The-You-I've-Never-Known-By-Ellen-HopkinsHere's a question for all the readers: how do you go on with your life, how do you live it fully if it's based on a huge lie? The You I've Never Known, a brand-new bestseller from the brilliant Ellen Hopkins, tries to answer that very question. Ariela, the heroine of this story, has been growing up knowing that her Dad will always be by her side.

Back when she was just an infant, her mother vanished, and, ever since that day, they've been living under one roof and supporting each other. Dad always says that if they stick with each other, no one in this world will be able to break them apart. At the same time, Ariela is a 17-year-old teenager right now, and, after all those tedious and cumbersome years of changing houses, schools, and friends, she just wants to stay in one place and to feel like a normal kid.

Maya is a young girl who ran away from her abusive mom and fell right into the arms of an oldster. She's confident that he's a good person and that she can fully trust him. Yet, she ends up being stuck with a baby in her belly, and life's rapidly turning into a living nightmare. Soon, the girls meet in the most unusual circumstances.

One day, out of the blue, Ariela's own mom comes knocking at the door - she claims that she never abandoned her daughter and that her dad took her away from her 1, 5 decades ago. So, what is Ariela supposed to think in this situation? Is it possible that dear old dad was lying to her for all this time? How can she even think that after everything that he's done for her? The You I've Never Known is a breathtakingly honest, heart-wrenching and touching story of two young girls that are trying to figure out their own lives and be happy.

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