The Zookeeper's Wife is not a work of fiction - it's a real story that happened during WW2 in the Nazi-occupied Poland The owners of the zoo single-handedly saved heaps of innocent folks from the Germans. Antonina and Jan did the impossible: they hid more than 300 refugees in the emptied-out zoo cages after their property was heavily bombed by the oppressors.

These folks got animal names, while the brutes got human names. Again, it's not a fantasy book - it all happened about 7 decades ago, and, thanks to the brilliant Diane Ackerman, we now get to enjoy this fascinating act of heroism. The best-selling writer and world-esteemed storyteller spent days and months in the libraries doing research, and she used her own writing skills to shed some light on the mesmerizing real story.

If you love to read about courageous, strong people who are not afraid to risk their own lives just to save others, then this book will definitely be a great pick for you. There's enough valor in these pages to make you do something better with your life and to reach out to those that need your help. The Zookeeper's Wife is not a blockbuster, a thriller or a sexy erotic novel - it's much more than all of that combined.

Only a writer of Diane Ackerman's magnitude could bring this story to us without messing up the most important thing about it - the truth. The Jews and the Polish folks went through Hell in those cages, but they did survive the war and the Nazis. In 1943, these brave people rose against the scary enemy and fought for what they believed in, and now we have an amazing opportunity to learn about this great people and to be inspired by their actions.

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