As far as riveting mystery thrillers with twisty plots go, Their Lost Daughters is one of the greatest novels to date. Joy Ellis, a best-selling author, knows exactly how to get the readers hooked up! Two teenage girls go to a wild party, but only one of them comes back home safe and sound. Well, alive, at least. Her name is Toni, and she was found deliriously wandering on the outskirts of her hometown.

The girl has been heavily drugged and the doctors aren't sure she'll survive the dose. She claims someone dragged Emily, her BFF, away from the noisy party. The only problem is - no one knows who this Emily person is. At the same time, the cops find the body of a drowned girl on a beach. Does this have something to do with the terrifying disappearance of a little kid almost ten years ago?

The cops could never crack that case, but maybe this new evidence will give them some clues? Her mom is constantly pushing the police to re-open the case and work days and nights to solve it. Rowan and Marie are working tirelessly, trying to bring these horrifying crimes together and find the missing clues that - obviously - are all there. Will they be able to bring the killers to justice, or is it already too late?

Their Lost Daughters is one of those exceptional psychological thrillers that make you stay up all night and linger on long after you finish them. The brilliant combination of suspense, tension, fast-paced action and a twisty plot turns this book into one of the greatest releases in the genre - period. It comes with rich, multi-layered characters and a chilling story.

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