There Was an Old Woman is a psychological thriller slash mystery/suspense about a young lady who becomes a part of a horrifying series of events that has everything to do with her old neighbor. After Evie, the main character of the story learns that her mom has just been hospitalized, she arrives in her house and tries to bring order into her messy life.

She starts going through the woman's personal stuff and finds strange things that don't seem to fit the scenery, so to speak, and begins to wonder what it is all about. Mina, Evie's mom's neighbor, a nice-looking elderly woman, catches the girl's attention, so, she visits her home and asks her about her mom. She's confident that Mina knows more about her than she cares to admit.

At the same time, the neighbor is busy with her own life: Brian, her nephew, has been trying to persuade her to leave the house and to rest and enjoy the view in a senior care community. While Evie stays at her mom’s house, she becomes good friends with Mina, but the girl keeps digging deeper and deeper into her mom's recent activities and soon discovers an eerie chain of deception, betrayals, and darkness.

Mina is somehow involved in this - Evie doesn't know how yet, but she's about to find out...Hallie Ephron, a bestselling and award-winning writer, delivers one hell of a page-turner with There Was an Old Woman. It comes with a scary, unsettling plot, a line-up of rich, unforgettable characters and a very special atmosphere of suspense and tension that will haunt you even after you turn the very last page. As far as mystery thrillers go, this book will be a great read!

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