Jay Asher created a true masterpiece that touched the hearts and mind of countless folks around the globe, and now Netflix, one of the biggest moguls of modern-day broadcasting, is turning it into a mighty series. You could call this book a modern-day classic, a novel that people will keep coming back to when in need of answers, insights, and guidance.

Clay, just a regular teenager, finds a mysterious package on his porch. He was just returning from school and didn't expect that his life would change drastically in the blink of an eye. The package came with a few cassette tapes recorded but his classmate and the girl that he's been in love with for years - Hannah. The thing is - she took her own life two weeks ago, so, why would she send her recording to the guy without even giving him a proper warning?

Clay starts to listen to the tapes and learns that the girl had 13 reasons to commit suicide, and he was one of those reasons. All he has to do now is listen carefully and open his mind to her voice. Hannah becomes his new "guide", and Clay uses her hints and tips to witness her struggles and pain. He follows her words and they take her to all kinds of strange places.

Eventually, the journey changes Clay, turns him into a different human being. So, why would a beautiful teenage girl end her own life all of sudden? What was the reason? Well, there were thirteen of them, and you'll need to read the book from beginning to end to find out! Thirteen Reasons Why is equally heavy, powerful, heart-wrenching and compelling. Jay Asher used his exceptional writing skills to deliver a brilliant debut that took the world by storm.

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