This Census-Taker by China Mieville

This_Census_Taker-2_by_China_Mieville_epub_mobi-fb2Near a lonely house, placed on a top of a hill, one boy sees a disturbing incident. The boy tries to escape, but can’t do that. He forced to live with his absolutely insane relative. All his dreams are about happy life with other children. But he can't go to the bottom of the hill, where the town lies. He can only dream about safety.

One day the boy hears a knock of a stranger. In that moment, he thinks that his sad and drastic days will be over very soon.

When at last a stranger knocks at his door, the boy senses that his days of isolation might be over.
This unexpected visitor is very strange. He spokes in very uncertain manner, asks many questions. Boy does not know who is he. He can be an enemy and he can be a friend. But maybe he is…

This Census-Taker is thought-provoking as many other novels written by China Mieville. As usual in his books, there are a lot of terror and strange events. But also, you can find some beauty and humour too.

Nobody can talk about China Mieville without saying that he is brilliant. He is gifted with a rare imagination.

China Mieville wins the British Fantasy Award twice! Moreover, he wins the Arthur C. Clarke Award three times! There are not many authors who achieve this recognition in so short period of time.

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