Senator Warren has been a big supporter of the working middle-class in the United States, one of its strongest and most influential voices. Back in 2012, the fine folks of Massachusetts voted for this strong-willed woman, and today she's considered to be one of America's leading champions of progress.

Today, in 2017, the country is going through a rough patch, and it's up to us, the people, to change it for the better and to ensure a peaceful, happy future for our little boys and girls. This book is Warren's powerful message to the regular folks and the elite on how to build a brick-strong and capable middle class in the world. These men and women are true heroes, and they most certainly do deserve nation-wide recognition.

This Fight Is Our Fight is a call to action, a motivation for people of all ages, nationalities, skin color and creed to join their forces and head towards creating a better America. The senator spent her childhood and grew up in Oklahoma, and she knows first-hand what it means to be a kid to a struggling middle-class mom and dad. Her parents had been working "for the system" for their whole lives and were forced to count every penny.

Thankfully, the great educational system allowed young Elizabeth to turn her dreams into a reality and go to college, become a teacher and - later on - switch her attention to law school. Unfortunately, young people these days don't have the same opportunities as she had, and the working families are not at all being treated the way they should be. This Fight Is Our Fight is a vital book for all the conscious citizens who want to make America better and secure a bright future for their children.

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