Joey and Rory had been fighting cancer with bravery and valiance, and folks from all around the world were deeply touched and moved by their resilience and faith. They chose a quiet, simple way to live and kept on cherishing each other to the very end. Rory says that from afar, his life seems like that of the most regular man: it's kinda boring and uneventful.

However, if you take some time and look at it in a much bigger and wider context, you'll notice that magic is always right next there with him, on every step of the way. This Life I Live is an intimate, fragile, vulnerable memoir that invites all the readers into a mesmerizing journey towards the truth, towards love and God. Rory shares his experiences from the childhood years all the way up to the modern day.

He grew up in the rural United States and was constantly struggling with his finances, trying to deliver for his family. He had been searching for meaning in life, a sense of belonging and security, but this harsh world was never quick to offer it. But he later understood that it's all in the hands of the Almighty and that he's guiding us all even through the most terrifying moments in our lives.

Soon after that, he met a fascinating girl that conquered his heart and mind and changed him in ways even he could never think would be possible. Rory's book is both motivational and encouraging, and it calls upon us to not be afraid to follow our dreams and to embark on our own personal journeys. We all need to be open to the endless possibilities around us and not to be brave enough to face whatever's coming our way. This Life I Live is most definitely a must-have for all those folks who are struggling with their lives and just need someone to inspire them.

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