If you love uplifting and inspiring romantic novels, Miranda Liasson has just the right ones for you. This Love of Mine is one of her latest bestsellers, and it's equally heart-warming and heart-wrenching. Meg owns a bridal shop, and she's been making sure other women have their perfect weddings for as long as she can remember.

That's all she cares about during the busy days; however, she spends her nights fantasizing about Benjamin, her childhood sweetheart, and the one and only man in the world that she has ever truly loved. However, it's been too long, and she can't go on dreaming of him anymore. She needs to move on with her life and find love, with or without the handsome doctor's help. But when he suddenly rushes back into her life and pops a life-defining question, everything changes for Meg.

Ben is trying to get the open ER position at a prestigious hospital, and the board wants to see a settled down man for the job. He doesn't have a girlfriend right now, so, he comes up with a "genius" plan: to ask Meg to be his fake girlfriend - just for a little while. If she agrees, he'll most definitely get his dream job. At the same time, he can't deny the fact that he's slowly falling for her charm.

What will happen when she realizes that he's been lying to her? Will Meg be able to forgive the guy? This Love of Mine is a stunning romantic novel that mixes love, fun, drama, big-time secrets and revelations to deliver an awesome experience for the readers. If you're a sucker for those feel-good stories, This Love of Mine is a sure thing! Once again, Miranda Liasson wrote a “classic” book, a romantic comedy at its best.

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