this-was-a-man-by-jeffrey-archerJeffrey Archer, the award-winning and internationally known author of a ground-breaking series, is the modern-day king of historical family sagas. As for this book, it's the last, finishing chapter in the bestselling franchise, the big, mighty, epic finale. The book starts with a suspenseful moment: somebody starts shooting, but nobody knows who the shooter was or who the gun was aimed at.

Giles learns the real truth about his beloved wife, but can't really figure out whether she's just a figure in a huge international game or if she's a spy. Meanwhile, Harry is finally ready to write the most important book in his life, while his wife gets a surprising call from Thatcher herself who wants her to decline any offers and start working for her. Another family member becomes the CEO of a prestigious bank, but only after the previous chairman resigns.

His daughter, a gifted, talented girl, gets "fired" from the School, but her aunt does everything in her power to help her out. And finally, Virginia is getting ready to leave the country, as she'll never be able to pay the people that she owes money to. And when one of the family members learns about a devastating diagnosis, all their lives turn into a living hell.

Jeffrey Archer did a terrific job with the final chapter in his world-famous series and delivered a gripping, heart-wrenching and thought-provoking finale. This book proves once again that Archer is a brilliant storyteller. If you love beautiful family sagas that come with amazing characters, tons of unexpected twists and major cliffhangers, then you should read the whole series! Yes, it's really that good, and it's got enough "thrills and chills" to glue you to your seat.

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