thomas-jefferson-and-the-tripoli-pirates-by-brian-kilmeadeBrian Kilmeade is a top-class historian who brings ancient and not-so-much events closer to the modern-day society, allowing the contemporary folks to learn about their own roots and the roots of the United States. Back in 1801, Jefferson became the leader of the American people. The country was under a lot of pressure, it had big debts to pay, and its economy (and self-esteem) was lower than ever.

The historians neglect to mention that back then pirates from the Barbary Coast were swimming around the continent and capturing merchant ships from the US, holding the crew as slaves. They requested huge money payments, something that the weakened government could not afford. Jefferson spent 15 full years, trying to come to some sort of solution with the 4 African powers, including Tripoli, but they could never reach an understanding.

So, when it became clear that only rude force would make those people reconsider their actions, the president made a ground-breaking decision: to forget about diplomacy and take some real action. The man gave the order to the Navy and Marines to blockade the strongest one of the four countries - Tripoli. And that's how the Barbary Wars began, leading the United States to glory and world domination.

Unfortunately, few remember those defining days in the history of America; fortunately, we've got folks like Brian Kilmeade who did a fantastic job of sharing that amazing real story with the readers in the 21st century. Grab a copy of Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates and learn about the long-forgotten war that changed pretty much everything in the world.

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