Timothy Zahn is a big fan of the Star Wars Universe, and he put his heart, mind, and soul into creating an action-packed sci-fi adventure that will please both the older audience and the younger fans of The Force. Thrawn is a fearless, barbaric and cunning Grand Admiral, one of the most lethal warriors out there: he's charismatic, intelligent and far-fetching.

We already know that he's a force to be reckoned with, but, before this book came out, nobody knew what he was up to back when he was just a regular imperial soldier. Thankfully, now we have a chance to learn the story of the man's impressive rise to power. Who was there to lend him a helping hand? What did he have to go through to become an Admiral? What was driving him to become the best of the best?

This scary blue-skinned knight knows first-hand what it means to be a mere soldier and managed to climb to the very top by constantly overcoming all the obstacles in his way and not being afraid to look danger in the eyes. It's safe to say that Thrawn is one of the most legendary villains in the iconic Universe, which makes this book a must-have. Timothy Zahn created a true page-turner and raised the bar even higher.

The bottom line is - if you ever wanted to follow Thrawn's path towards greatness, grab a copy of this book and enjoy it while cozied up in your favorite chair/sofa. The book is equally exciting, thrilling and adventurous. Oh, and the unique Star Wars atmosphere is there, even though Zahn did introduce a lot of his own ideas into the franchise. Big-time revelations, breath-taking journeys, epic fights and moral dilemmas - that's what you'll find in Thrawn, a modern-day Star Wars masterpiece.

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