three-dark-crowns-by-kendare-blakeKendare Blake is not new to writing international bestsellers - she's got a few of those behind her back - but the majority of critics agree that Three Dark Crowns, her latest novel, is her best work to date. It's a dark, immersive, powerful fantasy story about 3 sisters whose destiny is to fight to their last breath to become the next queen. The island of Fennbirn is a very special, magical place. In every generation, three beautiful baby girls are born.

They all have equal rights to the throne, and all three possess some sort of incredible magic. For example, Arsinoe is powerful enough to take control of the most brutal enemies in the world, while Katharine can take in tons of poison and not feel a thing - she's immune to toxins. And finally, Mirabella possesses the power of the elementals and can create scary storms or devastating flames of fire in a matter of seconds.

So, who gets to decide which heir to the crown is worthy enough to sit on that throne and rule the Empire? They do! Each girl will have to fight for the right to become the next Queen, and the loser won't just be cast off to a far-away land or granted a "normal" life outside of the royal palace. No, the game is simple: either you win, or you die.

The clash of the titans will begin when the sisters turn 16. And the last girl standing will automatically become the new Queen, the ruler of the Empire. Three Dark Crowns is an action-packed, emotionally-charged, gripping novel. The readers will be intrigued from the very first pages, and the mystery lives on and on until the book is finished. Another masterpiece by Kendare Blake!

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