Three-Days-In-January-By-Bret-BaierThe critics are calling Three Days in January one of the best biographical books on Eisenhower to ever be published. As far as the classics of American presidential history go, Bret Baier's masterpiece is right there among the very best. Back in 1961, January, the President had 3 short days to secure the future of the United States and to ensure prosperity and greatness for the nation.

Eisenhower's time in the white house was marvelous and extraordinary; yet, it's greatly underappreciated but the modern-day historians and folks don't really quite understand what this brilliant man did for the country. The foundation that he built more than 5 decades ago is still holding America together despite all odds. Baier put his exceptional writing skills to use to deliver a gripping, thought-provoking and pretty entertaining book - a documentary, that is.

The challenges were bigger than ever, and Dwight was trying to do everything in his power to get the American folks ready for what was coming and, most importantly, to make sure that the next POTUS - JFK - was qualified and strong enough to lead the world to a bright, happy future. Eisenhower was born in Kansas, fought side-by-side with his mates in WW2 and finally made it to the Oval Office.

Yet, those three days were monumental and defining for the President. When he left the big, shiny White House, people couldn't fathom what kind of a genius was ruling the country. Only now, so many years later, we get to appreciate the man and thank him for everything that he's done. Three Days in January shows us, the modern-day readers, just how great of a President Eisenhower was and offers priceless lessons and insights for the 21st century.

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