Three-Sisters-Three-Queens-By-Philippa-GregoryFrom Philippa Gregory, a bestselling author, comes Three Sisters, Three Queens, a tremendous historical novel of epic proportions about Mary and Margaret, King Henry VIII's own sisters. Another vital character in the story is Katherine, and the 3 ladies played huge roles in the creation of the king's kingdom. When Katherine is introduced to the royal sisters for the first time as just a young girl, a bride, it takes Margaret and Mary one glimpse at her to know that the three of them are destined for greatness and that their love and support for each other will be unique and special.

They don't see each other as rivals or as enemies - they see each other as sisters. And, they soon become the rulers of one of the strongest and most influential empires in on planet Earth. However, as time passes, the friendship between the three girls starts to fade, and, driven by foolish obligations and their own ambitions, they turn from best friends to the fiercest enemies.

People and circumstances make them go head to head and fight for world domination. Katherine attacks Margaret's army and puts an end to her man's life. At the same time, her son becomes the #1 candidate for the throne when Katherine's own boy dies. Mary, in turn, steal's Margaret's potential new husband.

But, despite all the terrible things that they've done, the 3 sisters soon realize that the only thing that's real in their lives is the unique bond that they have and that it's stronger than any man, woman, or even their own ambitions. Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory is written in the genre of historical drama and captivates the reader with twists of plot, mesmerizing characters, a brilliant mash-up of facts and fiction and masterful storytelling.

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