Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

Lewis-Carroll-Through-the-Looking-GlassThis is the second and final volume of the Alice story. It remains all beautiful madness from the first book. In this second story of the Alice duologue one lovely summer day the main character starts thinking about a mirror and the world which lies behind it. She thought, that world is quite similar on the other side of the mirror to her own. So, trying to find out how the other world looks like, she goes through the mirror. And find that it is not so similar to her own,

The world discovered behind the mirror lives by the chess rules, rather than the social order of the Victorian era. Alice meets various strange people with familiar conversation problem – their language does not seem to serve as communication helper. Despite the people of "mirrors" world is talking a lot, all that she can hear from them – it is some kind of strange nonsense with almost no sense.

Some readers think that the second volume of Lewis Carroll's duologue is not as ingenious as the first one. Nevertheless, this book has its own interesting moments. All characters are no longer painted so lovingly, and there are more people than fantastic creatures. The world has become more surreal, more chaotic. You can't view objects directly, they disappear regardless of the viewpoint.

The Alice Books by Lewis Carroll:
Book 1. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Book 2. Through the Looking-Glass

So the second volume still has many interesting ideas and certainly it worth your attention.

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