Thug-Kitchen-By-Thug-KitchenOriginally, the Thug Kitchen crew launched their now-famous web-site to educate folks on eating healthy and how to spice things up with some fascinating veggies. If you wanna see some A-grade food on your plate every day and take care of your personal diet, Thug Kitchen might just be the perfect place to start. They've got 0.5 million followers on Facebook, and even Gwyneth Paltrow calls them an amazing source of info.

True, there are countless blogs out there, not to mention cookbooks, who talk and talk about the importance of eating healthy, watching what you put in your mouth, cutting on calories, et cetera, et cetera, but they do it all with that "serious mask" on, and that just doesn't cut it for the rest of us. The hype that they create around healthy eating is not very appealing to the regular people who are just looking for some easy-peasy in-the-moment tips and tricks.

And that's when Thug Kitchen comes in - these guys talk about food in a funny, intriguing and clever way, and, even if you have never spent a second cooking a meal, this book will get you started in no time! Thug Kitchen keeps it casual and doesn't talk about ingredients that grow somewhere on the other side of the world or cost a fortune. The book includes 100 top-notch recipes for y'all to enjoy - snacks, deserts, proper meals - all of it.

Furthermore, after you read the book, you'll become a real master in your own kitchen and will learn all the necessary techniques to start "clever shopping" (that means both affordable and healthy). Go on, buy Thug Kitchen and kick some serious ass with your amazing cooking! Wanna perfect your kitchen game? Then get started!

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