tidewater-by-libbie-hawkerLibbie Hawker is back with a brand-new historical bestseller, a gripping, engrossing novel that takes us back a few centuries to show how the United States were struggling to become a nation. Back in 1607, 3 ships had a mission: to establish a new colony on the coast of Virginia, one of the future states. And they would only survive if they could get in contact with a native tribe.

Everybody on the ships knew this, including John, the main character of the story. But John also knew that the American tribes had no love for the English invaders and would be glad to see them die from starvation. Yes, they would never lend a helping hand, let alone stand by and do nothing while the "white folks" took their lands. So, the Englishmen are confused and don't really know what to do and how to survive. At the same time, the daughter of the tribe's chief secretly meets with John and becomes friends with him.

Thus, their unlikely bond ensures peace. However, they're not totally honest with each other, and they both have their own agendas and ambitions, which slowly, but steadily cracks the truce between the British and the native tribe. Eventually, the two forces collide, and a fierce battle begins, which give the girl a choice to make: to stick with her own people, with her own land, or to try and, once again, reason with the foreigners in order to avoid even more bloodshed.

She'll have to choose between sacrificing her own hopes and dreams and going after what she really wants, and that's gonna be a hard decision for her. Tidewater is a fascinating historical novel that's partially based on a real story from the 17th century and invites the readers to an insightful and thrilling journey into a centuries-old confrontation between the Native Americans and the Englishmen.

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