Til Death Do Us Part

Amanda-Quick-Til-Death-Do-Us-PartShe is own a very special “dating” agency, which helps the decent men or women to find themselves. Her name is Calista Langley and she runs her little business in Victorian London for several years. She thought she was happy but one-day mysterious man starts to sending Calista gifts more suitable dead body or dying person. Why he send her a black mirror beautiful funeral wreath? He even presents her a ring decorated with jet stones of deep black color. All presents have Calista Langley's initials on them.

Calista Langley thought that the police cannot help her. One day she goes to author of popular crime novels,

Desperate for help and fearing that the police will be of no assistance, Calista turns to an eremitic author of popular crime novels and Trent Hastings agrees to help feared woman. But there is some tension between the pretty client and "crème investigator". Mr. Hastings does not trust her at all. It is because his own sister became a customer of the Calista 's "dating" agency.

Can they solve the mystery of disturbing presents if they can't trust each other? When Mr. Hastings goes through files of Calista's agency he found out, that his client's tormentor wants only one thing – the death of this beautiful woman. And keys for that dreadful plan in Calista's dark past.

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