today-will-be-different-by-maria-sempleMaria Semple is back with a brand-new bestseller about 1 day in the life of a regular woman who's forced to let go of her modest ambitions and embrace a new, scary-yet-rewarding future. Today Will Be Different tells the story of Eleanor, a modern-day girl who's a bit messy and insecure - the usual kind. However, today is the day to take care of the little problems in her life and to move on to the "bigger fish", so to speak.

She's got a pretty busy schedule that includes taking a shower in the morning, getting dressed, taking her favorite son to school, taking her yoga and poetry classes, et cetera, et cetera. Wait, there's more: she won't swear - not even once - and finally, she'll make love to her husband! But, it's not that easy to bring your perfect plans into life when the outside world interferes.

As it turns out, Eleanor's son decided it would be a great idea to get "fake sick" so that he won't have to go to school. Furthermore, Joe, the girl's husband, chose this exact day to tell his colleagues that he's going on a vacation. Strangely enough, he didn't tell his own wife that. And just when Eleanor thinks that this day couldn't go any worse, after she bumps into a former colleague, a colorful memoir is born, and it's about to reveal a huge family secret.

Maria Semple's latest novel is a heart-filled, funny, inspirational tale about overcoming our deepest fears and finding the strength to let go of the past and focus on a better, brighter future. Today Will Be Different is, on one hand, a comedy novel that will make you cry tears of joy, but, on the other hand, it's a deep, honest, emotional exploration of a modern-day woman and her daily struggles.

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