tom-clancy-commander-in-chief-by-mark-greaneyCurrently, the Jack Ryan series is one of the best-selling franchises in the military action thriller genre, and Mark Greaney always comes with that "heat". Commander in Chief is an explosive, electrifying and gripping game-changer that will grab your attention from the get-go. This time around, Mr. President and his numerous allies from all over the world will have to come together in order to beat a powerful and treacherous enemy in the face of the military-strong Russia.

It's threatening to turn the whole world into a war zone, and the only way for the democratic leaders to stop the madman in Kremlin is to join forces and unite. The desperate leader of the Russian Federation has no other choice but to go against the whole world - there's a great opportunity for him to regain his country's glory.

He dreams of restoring the Soviet Union and spreading chaos in America and Europe. And, there's a technologically advanced submarine with tons of nuclear warheads on board heading to the White House, and even a single blow is capable of devastating Washington, D.C. So, it's up to the President of the United States to stop him and to bring order and balance back.

Another world war is about to start, and if Ryan fails to succeed, there's no telling how many casualties will there be. Tom Clancy Commander in Chief is exactly what you'd expect from a modern-day best seller: it's fast-paced, action-charged, suspenseful and un-put-down-able. Every single page is filled with tension, and you'll never guess what the next one will bring. As far as political thrillers go, this novel is definitely one of the greatest books out there.

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