Tom Clancy Duty and Honor (A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel) by Grant Blackwood

Tom-Clancy-Duty-and-Honor-(A-Jack-Ryan-Jr.-Novel)-by-Grant-BlackwoodLeaving the clandestine intelligence group did not help Jack Ryan very much. This act did not bring him peace, even when he officially lived The Campus. There was an unexpected attempt to end his life. He survived by a pure miracle. Jack Ryan, Jr. must find who wants him dead and must do it very fast. He thought that attempted assassination may have some connections to his recent undercover operation in the Iran. Some clues Jack Ryan, Jr. find on the dead body of the unlucky assassin. During his inquiry, he will see enough corpses.

The trail of dead men brings him to the door of a private security firm. The interesting thing about it is that this firm belongs to the premier of the European Union. It is called Rostock Security Group. It was founded by Jurgen Rostock. This shady man is not an ordinary person. Some years ago he worked in the German Special Forces as —a general. Of course he was well known as a human rights advocate. Some of his actions as a rich philanthropist are appreciated by many people. But all of this "candy" information could not fool Jack Ryan. Moreover, he remembers this man perfectly from his last mission.

Can Jack defeat a bad guy without a help of the clandestine intelligence group he worked earlier? Read Tom Clancy Duty and Honor novel and find an answer by yourself. It is another great novel written by Grant Blackwood. And it is no less interesting than any other stories about the adventures of Ryan Jr.

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