Historical westerns might not be the hottest genre in literature right now, but they're still conquering the hearts and minds of countless readers around the globe. As for Too Long a Stranger, it's a heart-warming, touching, compelling novel about a woman that sacrificed her own happiness just to see her daughter smile again. Sarah has no idea how to support herself and Rebecca, her lovely little girl.

Her husband has just passed away, and they're left all alone in the world. With no other options on the horizon, Sarah decides to take her late husband's freight-hauling biz into her own hands and to try and make some money with it. She manages to make sense of it all and even saves enough bucks to send her kiddo to a boarding school where she can make all of her dreams come true and live a happy, trouble-free life.

The payments for the school take away pretty much all the money that Sarah makes, and she's barely getting by. Years pass and the gap between Rebecca and her mom turns into something bigger than just miles of distance. So, one day, Rebecca decides to get back home and to surprise her mother with all of her accomplishments.

But, at first, the two can't find common ground and act like they come from completely different worlds. Sarah has sacrificed everything for her daughter, and how they can't seem to be a family anymore. Will they be able to break down the huge walls between them and reunite with each other, or are they doomed to being strangers for the rest of their lives? Janette Oke wrote a moving, uplifting and poignant book that will touch even the coldest hearts.

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