tools-of-titans-by-timothy-ferrissTim Ferriss is a ground-breaking fella: his quick-learning techniques pretty much revolutionized the self-help/self-improvement segment and turned him into one of the best-selling writers of the 21st century. Tools of Titans is his latest masterpiece, his gift to the readers. He spent more than 2 years on this book, collecting 200+ interviews with guests like Schwarzenegger, Foxx, world-class athletes, singers, movie actors, and even ex-Special Ops mercs.

By the way, for most of these people, this was the first time they gave a 2-3 hour interview. And that is exactly why The Tim Ferriss Show is the very first business podcast on the Internet that has more than 100 mil. legal downloads. Tools of Titans comes with tons of useful info, necessary tools/tips/tricks on how to prevail and amazing insights that you simply won't find in any other book.

It's safe to say that this is a unique and very special release, and if you're a struggling businessman or just want to flip your life upside down (in a good way), Tim's brand-new bestseller should have a prominent place in your library. After you read this book, you'll learn what these exceptional folks do in the first hour after they wake up, how they work out and where, and what are the biggest mistakes of the amateurs in life.

Ferriss isn't just sharing some "words of wisdom": everything he talks about here is the foundation of his own daily routine, so, if you want to be as successful, motivational and happy as he is, you'll have to do more than just read - you'll have to experience it all first-hand! Welcome to the club, ladies and gentlemen, grab a chair and take notes.

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