Top Secret Files: World War I: Spies, Secret Missions, and Hidden Facts from World War I (Top Secret Files of History)

Top-Secret-Files-World-War-I-Spies-Secret-Missions-and-Hidden-Facts-from-World-War-I-Top-Secret-Files-of-HistoryFlame throwers, spy trees, bird bombs, and Hell Fighters were all a part of World War I, but you won't learn that in your history books! Uncover long-lost secrets of spies like Howard Burnham, "The One Legged Wonder," and nurse-turned-spy, Edith Cavell.

Peek into secret files to learn the truth about the Red Baron and the mysterious Mata Hari. Then build your own Zeppelin balloon and mix up some invisible ink.

It's all part of the true stories from the Top Secret Files of History. Take a look if you dare, but be careful! Some secrets are meant to stay hidden...

We learn the real stories behind famous names like Mata Hari, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and the Red Baron. We also learn about the myriad of individual men and women who risked and sacrificed so much to bring the Allied Forces to victory, and African-American heroes like the Harlem Hellfighters—the most decorated American regiment in World War I.

Not only did individual people make a difference, but dogs, horses, and even homing pigeons contributed to the war effort.

We learn about German zeppelins, the first tanks in combat, the first flamethrowers, and how to survive a poison gas attack (um…you don’t really want to know). There’s a fascinating chapter on Mission: Razzle Dazzle, which is every bit as compelling as its name.

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