Torpedo-By-Joanna-BlakeGabe is a modern-day warrior, a true patriot with a strong will and a heart made of stone. In the whole wide world, he only loves three things, including his mighty ship, his trusty crew and shooting those torpedoes. He wanted to serve his homeland, to make the country proud, but when his ship blew up into pieces, everything he ever dreamed about sunk away with it. So, now he's stuck on the ground with no crew, no working ship, and no purpose.

Oh, and he hasn't even got a proper lady. However, when Tabitha, the one that got away, arrives on the horizon, life flips 180 degrees for Gabe. Half-a-decade-ago, they almost got together, but much has changed since then. She used to be a gorgeous young girl with just the right attitude. And, despite the fact that she didn't have enough money to go to all kinds of saloons and buy expensive clothes, she was still the most beautiful girl in the vicinity.

Gabe’s heart was taken by her - forever and ever, and he could never forget about this dashing girlie. Today, the guy has nothing left, but that doesn't change the fact that she looks just as gorgeous and that her curvy body and inviting eyes are driving him crazy. The soldier has a purpose now, a big challenge, and he's not one to back down from a fight. Yes, it will be pretty hard for him to recover and start walking again, but it's ok.

As long as this pretty dame is by his side, nothing's impossible for him. He finally has the chance to get her in his arms, and he can rock her world even with one leg still working. She's been hurt enough in her life and Gabe is more than happy to be her safeguard, her protector, and redeemer. Torpedo is a fascinating romantic novel with that sizzling, sexy content and a great cast of main characters. It's funny, naughty, attractive and a big turn-on. A must-have!

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