His name is Mr. Collins, and life is pretty awesome for him: he's sleeping around with the sexiest (and wealthiest) women in the city and has the savviest young attorneys working at his law firm, which makes the guy both powerful and influential. The interns are more than happy to follow his rules and do almost anything he tells them to.

And it's no surprise, given the fact that he's rich, handsome and knows how to make the ladies scream his name. However, not every single girl out there dreams of having sex with the good-looking boss, and the one and only young woman that he REALLY wants to fool around with keeps pushing him away and tells him to keep it in his pants. Sam is not used to getting rejected, but Abbie is just too fine to forget about and move on.

Besides, he never backs down from a real challenge, and he's about to unleash all of his dirty tricks on her. It takes the fella one touch and one look into her beautiful eyes to make the girl's heart beat faster than a Tesla train. Abbie feels the vibe of the office - everyone is f*cking someone, and they did tell her that Sam's firm is not a place for honest and modest ladies like herself.

But, the offer was too good to turn down, and you can't get what you want without compromising just a little bit, right? The man is pushy, true, but he is pretty much a perfect alpha male to have some fun with while he teaches her about all the intricacies of behind a good attorney. Train Me is a classic "Billionaire bad-boy meets a sassy virgin" romantic novel with a happy ending, a great sense of humor, a gripping plot and lots of smutty sex scenes.

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