tricky-twenty-two-by-janet-evanovichThe fans of the Stephanie Plum series can't seem to have enough of it, and that's why pretty much every single book by Janet Evanovich becomes an international bestseller. She always brings that fun, humor, suspense and a little bit of thriller to keep the readers entertained and excited. This time around, Stephanie gets involved into quite a messy case.

Now, she never called herself the best bounty hunter on planet Earth, but she does know how to handle herself and always sees it when somebody's trying to play her. The Zookeeper at an animal house was just arrested for beating the crap out of the dean at the local college. Furthermore, he never showed at the court and is hiding somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Yes, some folks have seen the "vigilante" on campus territory, but they're not really ready to rat him out.

The case simply doesn't seem to make sense, and soon Stephanie realizes that this wasn't just a prank or a single case of bullying but something entirely different. And she doesn't even get the chance to process all that because somebody kills Linken, a regular fella, on his own land and everybody in the neighborhood think that he deserved to be put down.

That means the list of possible suspects is pretty much enormous. A cop joins Stephanie in the investigation, and together they will have to figure out who murdered Linken and what does this case have in common with the Zookeeper's unusual behavior. Tricky Twenty-Two is a funny, light, exciting and witty thriller that will be perfect for a good evening read after a hard day at work. Yep, that's exactly why Evanovich's books are always so popular!

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