If you're a big fan of romantic science fiction, then Scarlett Dawn is just the right author to turn to. Trigger is a fine mix of magic, science, paranormal and adventure. Mankind has successfully destroyed their home planet, and now the shifters are runnin' the show. The humans have no idea about the monsters that are now in charge of their lives.

There's an unbelievably beautiful woman out there, and she's the special "trigger" that the shifters need in order for them to succeed. But they're not the only ones hunting for the gorgeous girl. Welcome to a harsh new post-apocalyptic world, ladies, and gentlemen. The shifters are more powerful than the humans, but they need our women to mate, and that is why this mysterious girl is so important in this war for humanity's survival.

Trigger is a pretty violent book intended for the adult audience, so, make sure not to buy it as a gift to your kids! On the other hand, if you're a grown-up, you won't be able to put this novel down, as it's got all the right ingredients for a smash hit. Trigger comes with a gripping, enchanting plot, a fine cast of characters and a unique atmosphere that only the greatest writers of our time can create.

This is the first book in the bestselling Origin series, so, if you really loved Trigger, make sure to grab the second installment and check out the rest of the books by the lovely Scarlett Dawn. Adult fantasy is getting more and popular these days, as more talented writers are putting their hearts and minds into creating fresh, original worlds, engrossing stories and fast-paced, non-stop narratives for us all to enjoy.

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