Troublemaker-By-Linda-HowardContemporary romantic suspense is just the perfect genre if you wanna enjoy an uplifting, captivating story with a healthy dose of mystery and tension. Troublemaker is a riveting, fast-paced novel that will get you hooked up and begging for more. Linda Howard, the best-selling, award-winning and ground-breaking author of this book, did a splendid job of delivering one of the best experiences of the year.

Morgan, a paramilitary leader, takes his job very seriously and never lets anything come between him and his duties. But, when somebody jumps and almost kills the guy, his chief puts everything on the line in order to figure out what's really going on and who is targeting the clique's members one by one. Everybody's worried that the elusive attackers will strike again, so, Morgan goes to a secret location that's not even on the map and stays low - for his own protection.

However, caught between the gorgeous housemate and the lethal threats that are lurking in the shadows, Yancy learns that stayin' under the radar is turning out to be his most difficult task to date. Isabeau, a half-time cop in a tiny Virginian townlet, is proud of the life she's built for herself. She's got real friends, a nice, peaceful life, and even some cash in the bank for the rainy days.

But, when Morgan starts knocking on her door, everything changes - completely. The last thing she needs is a strange guy in her house. Furthermore, the guy comes with a super-heavy baggage and looks terrific. Yes, she knows that he's hiding something, but the more they fight, the brighter the fire between them burns. And soon, when the man's cover gets blown, they both become targets for the notorious killers...

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