true-colors-by-kristin-hannahThe critics and the fans are calling True Colors one of Kristin Hannah's best novels to date. It definitely is her most heart-warming, charming and controversial book. Exceptional writing, splendid characters, and a riveting narrative - those are the cornerstones of Kristin's brand-new bestseller.

This is a tale of 3 sisters who used to be the happiest girls in the world but devastated their own lives with jealousy, lies, secrets, and betrayals. They are the Grey sisters, and, growing up, they had been very, very close. And, after their mom passed away, they didn't "scatter away". No, they became even closer, turning from just a family into the best friends ever. But their dad, a disapproving man, never really cared about his girls.

His name is Henry, and this man puts his reputation above everything else. Winona, the oldest sis, is probably the most tender-hearted one and needs her dad to be proud of her. She could never find a connection with the horses or the ranch that's been a part of her family for centuries, but she is a pretty great lawyer, and she's trying to prove to him that he can be impressed by her.

Aurora, the second sis, is the calm one and does everything in her power to keep everybody calm and happy while hiding her own struggles and pain. Vivi Ann, the youngest, is a gorgeous young lady with a cheerful personality and a big, loving heart. Everybody seems to love her, and she prevails at everything. However, it all changes when a stranger arrives. The Grey sisters are about to face the most important test in their entire lives...

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