trust-by-jana-astonJana Aston's unique writing style, amazing sense of humor and loveable characters made her one of the best-selling authors of our time. Trust is the hilarious story of Chloe, a single girl who's doing her best to find the man of her dreams and to build a happy family together. But, before she does that, she'll have to take care of her messy life, get herself organized and stop being a total disaster on dates.

She's a bit shy and clumsy, and she can't stop talking and telling jokes whenever she's feeling awkward (and she feels that way a lot, by the way). So, she's got a mighty plan: first of all, she'll teach herself how to behave herself and how to date men the "grown-up way". Second, she'll have the best night of her life with a handsome fella. And finally, she'll fall in love with the best man in the world and live happily ever after. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Trust is a wonderful romantic novel that will grab your attention with a hearty, touching and charming story about a regular girl who's trying to find happiness in the big, scary city. Chloe might not be the most beautiful, successful or smart young lady in the world, but she sure does have charisma, dedication, and, most importantly, motivation, and her story is full of fun, booming emotions, and unforgettable experiences.

As far as inspiring and uplifting romantic stories go, Trust is most definitely one of the best picks of 2016. Jana Aston has been storming the international charts for the last couple of years, and her latest book is just as great as her best works. So, without further ado, just grab a copy of Trust at your local bookstore and/or online and help Chloe find the man she deserves in the big city of dreams!

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