This is Holly Seddon's debut, and it's just as gripping, engrossing and exciting as the best books in the genre. Try Not To Breathe is a 100% page turner, with numerous blood-chilling twists, turns, rich, believable characters and a lot of that eerie suspense. Alex, the main character of the story, is lost: she used to be happily married and had a great career in journalism, but her destructive habits destroyed that near-perfect life.

All she has now is work and fitness. Every single day is painful, and the memories from the past are hunting her 24/7. But it all changes when she comes across Amy, just a regular young girl from a neighboring town. She's been in a coma for 1, 5 decades after a brutal assault. Nobody even remembers her anymore, but she's not really dead.

She's conscious, even though she can't move her body or say a single word. Alex's new job includes visiting hours at the hospital and taking interviews from the prime suspects in the police case. Soon, what started as just another investigation, a routine story, turns into an obsession for her. But how is she supposed to crack this case when the only living witness can't speak up?

Alex is confident that Amy is her key to salvation, and she's ready to do whatever it takes to bring the vagabonds to justice. Try Not to Breathe jumps back and forth in time to deliver one of the greatest experiences in the genre. The tension keeps rising throughout the book and explodes with a shocking finale that will linger on long after you turn the last page. Holly Seddon wrote a razor-sharp thriller, a captivating, fast-paced and engrossing bestseller.

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