twelve-days-of-christmas-by-debbie-macomberDebbie Macomber, one of the greatest writers of our time, wrote numerous stand-out novels and gave life to countless trilogies, but the Christmas series is probably her most heart-warming one to date. Twelve Days of Christmas continues the wonderful tradition started a few years back, and it's arguably the best holiday romance novel of 2016. It's got that magical touch, and you'll most certainly feel like it's December 25th after you finish the book.

Julia is a nice, friendly, cheerful girl, and she likes pretty much everyone, except for her own haughty neighbor, Mr. Maddox. It doesn't matter how hard she tries to start a conversation with him - the man's always rude and doesn't want to speak to her. So, when she catches him stealing her newspaper, she simply snaps. Julia gives herself a mission: to kill Cain with kindness and to break through to his soul (if he has one, of course).

She even starts a blog to keep track of her "movements". The girl calls it The Twelve Days of Christmas and the first couple of attempts fail before they even begin. She brings Cain all kinds of homemade goodies, but the grumpy fella won't even open the door. At the same time, the blog she just launched turns into something of a big hit on the Internet and a huge number of people join the adventure and follow her progress.

That gives Julia the necessary strength to keep doing what she's best at - warm the neighbor's heart with kindness. However, Julia would never think that she'd fall for the man, but that's exactly what happens. And she also suspects that the grumpy Mr. Maddox feels the same way about her. So, now she'll have to make a choice: to tell Cain about her blog or to keep it a secret - but for how long?

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