Twilight-At-Blueberry-Barrens-By-Colleen-CobleKate, the main character of Twilight at Blueberry Barrens, a brand-new bestseller by the lovely Colleen Coble, has devoted her whole life to taking care of her fam's barrens. However, one fine day, the field ceases to produce fruit, and the girl has no other option but to find an alternative source of income.

True, she could just rent out that tiny cottage on her property, but it simply won't be enough for her. Besides, when Drake, a businessman, showed up at her doorstep looking for a house to rent, everything changes. The man was also in a desperate need of a nanny for his adorable nieces. Yep, it's kinda too good to be true for Kate, but life has a way of surprising us sometimes.

And the longer she lives with the good-looking fella and the kids, the harder it becomes for Kate to hide her undeniable attraction. Yet, the family is going through a rough patch, and it's not exactly the right time to start thinking about romance and all that nonsense. Soon, she learns that somebody's after Drake and they are trying to hurt his family. Then, her uncle, a man who's been serving time in prison for murder, escapes.

Furthermore, there's a stalker in town who's constantly "bugging" Kate. All those things combined turn her life into a real nightmare, and she feels like she's living in a cage. Threats are coming at her from all corners, and there's not even enough time to go back to those blueberries and take care of them. Twilight at Blueberry Barrens is a near-perfect romantic suspense that comes with an intriguing plot, a strong narrative and the never-ending feeling that one day everything will be alright again.

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