The critics are proudly calling Two Days Gone a literary masterpiece, a true stand-out cut in suspense, mystery, and crime. The narrative is smooth, full of tension and keeps getting bigger and scarier by the second. What can make a normal, sane man who's got everything that others dream about to go crazy in an instant and demolish all that he has built in his lifetime?

That's exactly what Ryan, a sergeant, is trying to figure out. The lovely wife and kiddos of a world-esteemed college professor and internationally-known writer are found dead in their own house - slaughtered, to be exact. The man himself has evaporated into thin air, and that is exactly why the cops are calling him the prime suspect in this investigation.

DeMarco, the sergeant, is confident that the professor was simply not capable of taking another human being's life, let alone that of his wonderful family. At the same time, he can't think of a good reason for him to run away and hide from the authorities. The only thing that he can work on is Huston's unfinished manuscript: could it contain hints and tips that will lead the police to his family's murderer?

Two Days Gone is a masterfully crafted, brilliantly narrated and fast-paced thriller by the best-selling Randall Silvis, the man behind several worldwide hits. This is a suspenseful, gripping story that will linger on long after you finish it. It's equally witty, twisted and engaging and tells a story of family, friendship, duty and honor. At the end of the day, it's one of the best thrillers of the year, which should be more than enough reason for you to buy it!

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