James Patterson is back with not one, but two uplifting stories about the endless possibilities that life gives us and the importance of always being ready to take advantage of an opportunity. Anne is left with nothing: her marriage is not at all what it used to be back in the day, and a nasty hurricane has devastated her home - it feels like the whole world is against her.

So, with everything dead and gone, she embarks on a life-changing journey to ask friends from the past and complete strangers a peculiar question: "What's your best story?" On her way, she hears all kinds of tragic, dramatic, funny, motivational and inspirational fables, and slowly, but steadily, they help her understand what's really important in her life and what she should be striving for.

Tyler, on the other hand, is doing great: he's the head of a booming company and has more money in the bank than he'll ever have time to spend. However, he has no personal life whatsoever. And that is why he asks a gifted-yet-struggling writer to come up with an exciting life story. With his vast resources, he can turn every single piece of fiction into a reality.

Thus, the man soon transforms into the book's hero and becomes a part of an amazing love story. But what about the happily ever after? Will Tyler figure out a way to write his own happy ending? Two from the Heart is equally moving, touching and fun, and it's safe to say that the fans of Mr. Patterson will be pleased to learn that he's got a "softer" side and is great not only at writing mystery thrillers but also poignant and thought-provoking tales that are capable of making us both laugh and cry.

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