Owen is having a blast with his life, 'cause he's got the best job a man could ever dream of: he's to date hot, sexy women and to write about the experiences. But now it's time for him to kick it up a notch and take the whole thing to the next level. Why simply write boring letters when you can turn it into a reality show on the Internet and get an even bigger audience?

Yet, his boss tells Owen to share the "stage" with a co-host - a dashing young woman. Well, that could work, right? Not if the co-host is Margo, the guy's best friend! At first, it sounds like fun: he'll date beautiful women and she'll date handsome fellas and they'll both get to watch each other do it. Now, Owen used to be all about dating women for a day or two and forgetting about them - he took pride in that - but now he's kinda tired of that routine and wants something more concrete, something serious.

Oh, and for some unknown reason, he gets mad whenever he sees Margo go out with a new guy. Why should that even bother him, a playboy and a womanizer? Yep, it's pretty obvious, even though Margo doesn't seem to notice it. The longer the two keep working on the show, the more Owen falls in love with his best friend.

He wants to get out of that frustrating friend zone and turn their relationship into something meaningful and lasting. He wants to do all kinds of things to her - sexual things - and it takes him one look at her curvy body to go crazy in his head. So, what's it gonna be? Can Owen be a professional and keep it in his pants? Unprofessional is a brilliant romantic novel that's equally sweet, funny, sizzling hot and sarcastic. If you're tired of all those "Boy meets girl" stories, this book is a must-have for you!

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