unraveled-by-emilia-kincadeCarissa, the main character from Emilia Kincade's brand-new bestseller, is having a wonderful time with Liam, her housemate. He comes from Australia, and he can't stop talking about what great of a guy he is and what wonders he's packing. Yes, he's a jerk and a moron, and the girl is trying her best to let him know that she's not interested, but that's not entirely true.

He does look like a god with all those muscles and a big, bulky body, and she just can't stop thinking about him in the bed with her. So, how on earth did Carissa manage to get pregnant? And how is she going to tell him about it? Liam fell in love with her the second he saw her. Yes, at first, he just kept telling himself that all he wanted to do was "bang" her a couple of times, but there was something about the girl that made him loose his head.

Her eyes, her lips, her curvy body, the way she walks, the way she talks...she drove him wild and set him on fire, and, even though he never really had any problems with getting the girl that he wanted, she kept pushing him away. Eventually, he did take her - in the most amazing way - and they ravished every couch, chair, and table in the house. But, as it soon turned out, she kept something big from him - their baby.

Yes, it's a HUGE deal, and he never actually thought about having a family until this very moment. So, it's the perfect time to "claim his price" and to get her back - once and for all. Riss is the girl of his dreams, and they are destined to be together - one way or the other. Unraveled is a sexy, smutty, charming and fun romantic story with an exciting plot, great chemistry between the main characters and a happy ending.

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