Unspoken-By-Lisa-JacksonWhen it comes to psychological thrillers, Lisa Jackson is one of the most profound writers of our time. She's got countless bestsellers behind her back, and Unspoken is considered to be her finest work to date. Shelby is a modern-day woman living in the city, and one day, the delivery guy brings her an envelope with no address, no name, no phone number - none of that.

The only thing in it - a picture of an adorable girlie. Shelby instantly knows in her heart that this baby is her own kid, the daughter that they told her passed away when she was giving birth. So, that means only one thing: she has no other choice but to go back to where it all started - right the heart of Texas. At the same time, Shelby is not the only person coming back to her hometown. A long-buried killing spree is all over the news again.

Yes, the brutal nightmares from the girl's past are coming back to haunt her with double force. They are set free, and there's no telling what will happen next. What is someone is deliberately baiting her and making her go back into the hands of a psychopath? What if they are lurkin' the innocent girl into a trap? All of that doesn't matter to her because if there's even the slightest chance for her to see the baby again, she'll take it.

However, her quest for answers is going harder than she expected, because hostility is in every single corner and no one wants to help her out. The only friend in this town is a person from the past that she shouldn't really trust in the first place. Deep, dark, scary family revelations and a blood-chilling plan of revenge are in the center of this tangled story, and, once Shelby uncovers them, there's no way back...

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