Vegetarian-India-By-Madhur-JaffreyVegetarian India is a super-friendly, down-to-Earth and entertaining guide into the world of, well, Indian home cooking. If you love the cuisine (and you should), then grab a copy and surprise all of your friends and family members with exotic and delicious meals from this very special cookbook. So, who's the author of Vegetarian India? It's none other than Madhur Jaffrey, an outstanding woman who spent the last 4 decades or so introducing the American folks to the delicious recipes from her homeland.

She did an amazing job of showing the regular US home cooks that cooking a tasty Indian meal doesn't have to be an overwhelming, complex thing to do. Jaffrey won more awards than she can count, and in this book she shares only the best foods from India, the most delicious, healthy and exotic ones to date.

Oh, and one more important thing: the recipes in the book are all vegetable-based. Now, according to statistics, there are over 300 million vegetarians in India, which means they do know how to cook it right! The author visited every corner of her beautiful country, collecting the best recipes and bringing them back to America for us all to enjoy.

Furthermore, she visited the homes of farmers, weavers, writers, and more, listened to their stories and learned their secret specialties that nobody else knows about. So, it's safe to say that Jaffrey brought the very best of the vegetarian Indian cuisine with Vegetarian India - you won't find a better collection anywhere else. Plus, she's got step-by-step guides on how to make those recipes work in your kitchen, which makes this book a sure thing.

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