vicious-by-l-j-shenVicious, an unbelievably hot and naughty erotic novel, got a huge amount of hype when L.J. Shen, the author, introduced it to the public. And all the praise is well due - this is one of those books that you just can't put down and keep going back to even when you finish it. Vicious is a cruel, brutal, selfish and cocky fella who has his own way of treating people.

He's not a romantic guy who falls in love with a new girl every month or goes out to countless dates before things get serious. No, he's wired a bit different, and he doesn't ever ask - he takes. However, Emilia is different, and he hasn't been able to get her out of his head since he first laid eyes on her in school. It's been a decade, but everything is the way it was: he's still head over heels for her and is ready to give up anything just to have her.

Yet, he's not entirely sure that the girl feels the same, but he's about to find out. Vicious is a very special novel and you'll have enough time to love the guy and to hate him more than once throughout the book. He's charming, captivating and at times noble; on the other hand, he's a prick and an asshole.

That is why Emilia can't figure out what she really wants - to be with a man who's constantly tormenting her and will never be able to give her a normal, tranquil life, or to turn him down and go for something more "traditional". L.J. Shen wrote an engrossing, page-turning story for the ladies. This writer is known for delivering splendid romantic/erotic novels, but Vicious is most definitely her best work to date. As far as the list of the best "turn-ons" of the year goes, this book is #1 - period.

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