Ryan is one of those daredevils that are not used to living by the rules set by others. They jump first, think later, and that is a big part of their charm. He's a rich, powerful, influential man, a self-made mogul with the attitude of an alpha-male and looks to die for. And when he meets Laura, he's ready to break every rule out there to make her his new submissive.

Ryan doesn't get turned on or excited by the regular things - living on the edge is what he knows and loves. They call men like his crazy, insane, delirious, but it doesn't change the fact that he's one of the wealthiest blokes in the city and the ladies love his bad-boy charm. At the same time, that "All or nothing" attitude and constant giving in to his deepest desires have led him into all kinds of trouble, and he was this close to destroying his own life a while ago.

So, even though he is a champion at rule-breaking, he has a strict rule about D/S relationships: he does it only once a year and doesn't stick with one girl. It's not exclusive, and falling in love with the partner is forbidden. Laura is just the right "prey" for his appetite, and the longer he stares at her, the harder it becomes for him to follow that rule.

Taking her alone is putting his entire career and life in danger while keeping her around could result into even more catastrophic results. So, why on Earth would he keep coming back to her? Maybe he's hoping she will tame the monster inside of him? Violent Cravings is a dark romantic novel with just the right mix of love, passion, sultry BDSM action and comes with more than a few provocative/scandalous scenes. If you're not a big fan of that, don't even buy the book. But if you are, Linnea May has just what you've been craving for!

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